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Enjoy 50% off all Michel Design Works cleaning supplies. 
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Crane's Perfectly Personalized Promotion is back!!
Get 50 notecards or foldovers with envelopes for $99 or100 for $159
Now through June 21st
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Buy your Partner's Card now and get 20% off on all products including Mackenzie-Childs. The Partner's Card sale will be from October 30th to November 8th.
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Enjoy 20%-75% Off throughout the store, excluding Mackenzie-Childs. Stop by our store today or call us to see what we have in store!
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I'm Suzanne Roberts,
We are pleased to introduce our new gourmet food products. We are now selling pasta partners; a handmade pasta company. You can also pair the pasta with any of our new dip mixes to serve as snack before the meal. Come in today to get any of our new delicious products.

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Hello I'm Suzanne Roberts,
"When leaves are falling, Autumn is calling!" Or in our case... "When Round Top boxes arrive, our fall stock thrives!"
Want to get a head start on Fall decor? We are ready for you!
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We have enjoyed helping your homes say "Hello Fall!" For 44 years here Snider Plaza !
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Hello I'm Suzanne Roberts,
Michel Design Works has made a colorful contribution to our store and has been widely loved by our customers for years! We carry many different collections, such as Honey Almond, Papillon, Confetti, and more. Come in to get your lotions, foam soaps, bath bombs, and even melamine before our store-wide sale ends!
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Hello I'm Suzanne Roberts,
Mackenzie Child's has been a large part of our store for 31 years! We carry the Royal Blue, Courtly Check, Flower Market, and some of the classics such as the Taylor ceramics collection.
We look forward to meeting fellow Mackenzie Child's lovers, or introducing you this beautiful brand name collection! Be sure to Like and Share, it's been a pleasure helping our guests at Snider Plaza for 44 years!

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